Saturday, 24 November 2012

Changing Things Up A Bit

School libraries should be open and accessible for all of its patrons.  A library that is cluttered and organized makes for an environment that is hard to maneuver and difficult to find the resources that are needed. The problem with many elementary libraries is lack of space and the amount of resources and equipment that take up the space.  In my discussion this week I wrote about two thing that could help in providing access to my library for  students and staff  at my school.  In my future library I want it to be the hub of the school, always busy and important.

I believe that the creation of a library webpage is a very important aspect of a successful library. By going through the websites in this discussion and looking through the website of my own school I can see the benefits for students, staff, and parents of having a library website. A library website can provide access to the online resources provided by the district, access to the library catalog online through the You See More on the LS2 system, and activities and events that are coming up in the library.

The webpage for the library is fairly basic it has an outdated Bookfest page and some basic library information. If I had the chance to develop a website/blog for the library I would without hesitation. Having the chance this term to create my own blog and website has demonstrated to me that creating and maintaining a site would be something easy to do. It wouldn’t take long to create and updating could be done weekly or even monthly. Creating an enriching and attractive website would provide tools and information for all library patrons. 

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